Jobs Outlook: August / September 2017

Jobs Outlook: August / September 2017

See below the what the figures are showing for August / September 2017

*Information obtained from the REC

  • Economic Conditions

7% More employers believed that economic conditions in the UK are worsening rather than improving, a reverse of the figures in June / August 2016.

  • Hiring Intentions

Hiring Intentions for permanent and temporary staff in the short term remain stable.

  • Importance of Agency Workers

59% of employers highlighted the importance of agency workers in enabling them to respond to growth – up from 46% in the same period last year.

  • Availability of Temporary Workers

More than a third of employers are concerned over the sufficient availability of temporary agency workers.

  • All employers are wanting to hire

The pool of people without a job is shrinking, and the number of people deciding to switch jobs isn’t rising as much as expected at a time of economic uncertainty.


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