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About me…

Hello, my name is Jack Nicholls. My likes and interests include playing the piano, catching up with my friends as well as spending time with my little pups, well I say pups but what I really mean to say is two Rottweilers who are both three and could easily stand as tall as me! I also enjoy going out to the occasional ice skating session. Alongside my interest of playing the piano, I also rescue old and disposed pianos from across the county (especially from the dump) and then sell them. This usually means spending a great amount of time on restoring them back to their original condition and customising them to fit what orders I have been given from customers. Some range from duck egg blue and windows implemented into the front to chalk board coatings with dark blue features, some people are so bizarre! Currently I am still studying at College, hoping to leave with a Level 3 Extended Diploma in Business, with the future looking like various student loans while studying Fashion Retail at university for the next few years. As part of my college course I was required to carry out work experience, and here I am at Merit! Although I’m not sure what I want to be when I actually have to get a full – time job, Merit has helped me in what to expect in different areas of businesses. They have been an exceptional group of kind, funny and determined people who I cannot wait to return each week to!

What did you want to be before the age of 10 and why?

That’s a tough one, I learned to swim at a extremely young age and spent most of my free time when I wasn’t at school in the pool, it gave me the feeling of weightlessness and the ability to fly. Ever since then I wanted to work with water, much research went in and I decided at around the age of 8 – 9 that Marine Biology was for me, but not the stuff in the science lab, the diving and exploring the deep blue, discovering creatures and life which wasn’t known to man. But then as most dreams It got ruined by the discovery of how much education is required before you can get remotely close to this kind of job! Besides this I don’t really remember what else I wanted to be, my parents both had boring jobs, tree surgeon and accountant (still boring) and so I didn’t really know what else was out in the world. I guess I do sometimes think of being a Marine Biologist still though as it would be a fantastic job!

What do you want to be by the age of 35?

Well, two outputs of this, Somewhere hot near a beach where I only have to work a few days a week and enjoy the lovely weather, or a Marine Biologist but still somewhere hot! I still have some time to get where I want to be by then, well a good 18 years, but I want to experience the world as much as possible before the age of 30, even if this means sacrificing my dream job for another 10 years. So I guess I wouldn’t mind if I studied real hard and got a qualification to be a Marine Biologist for a good 6 years, providing I had time to travel. So hopefully this may be my future, but a greater opportunity may arise in the mean time were I produce more money for something I enjoy even more.

You are on a desert island: you can take 3 books to read which ones will you pick?

Thats a difficult question, with a really simple answer. I don’t really remember any books that I have ever read, not because they didn’t have a large impact on me don’t get me wrong! I just have a terrible memory and I haven’t picked up a book in so long. I just don’t have the time to sit down for a few hours and read, let alone watch television. If I really think about it, the ones I can really remember are Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, simply because I had to know this word for word for my English exam (oops) and A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. Oh and I once read Great Expectations by Charles Dickens too as it was the only available material to me when I went camping, but I sadly cant remember the actual story. Although I had to read these they would most likely come with me to this desert island as I enjoyed reading them at the time and would love to read them again!Diodontidae

written by: Jack Nicholls

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