About me… Pippa Dines

About Me….

Hello, my name is Pippa Dines and here’s just a little bit about myself.
I graduated from the University of Gloucestershire with a BSc in Health and Sports Studies. I’ve loved competing and watching sports from an early age and have competed in many sports over the years, with my biggest achievement playing at county level badminton for Reading. Every year without a doubt I would go to the Birmingham indoor arena and watch the badminton championships and also every summer go to Queens club and watch the tennis. These events were often with family who I love spending time with. As much as I love my sport, I also have a passion to bake and cook and am forever trying new things. To date if you asked everyone I’ve made something for they would probably say my brownies are the best, maybe even the best in the world! Any opportunity I get to bake I take. From watching my mum and grandma cooking away in the kitchen from a young age, I’ve always had a keen interest and now it’s a true passion. I’ve now taken the role of head cake baker away from my mum.
And now a new chapter in my life has opened, with working at Merit Recruitment. An exciting new story to add to my journey. Recruitment is a completely new career path for me which I have no experience in but that isn’t stopping me from embracing each day as it comes. Knowing that I’ve got an amazing team around me I’m sure I will be very happy at Merit.
What did I want to be by the age of 10?

Wow, that was a long time ago!! Before the age of 10 I probably wanted to be everything there was to be. From an early age I took up dancing, which included ballet, tap and modern. I can remember
One Christmas I wouldn’t stop dancing round the living room as I had just got a fairy too too outfit and thought it would be a good idea to match it with doctor’s glasses. So I would take a guess and say a professional ballerina.

What do you want to be by the age of 35?

Right Pippa get your thinking hat on….by the age of 35 (that’s 11 years from now) I’d love to be successful in my career. I want to be accomplished and set for a bright future. But right now I am happily settled into my new job which I love and have such a great team to work alongside. Having the support of my colleagues gives me that extra drive, and seeing how passionate they are in what they do makes me want it even more.

You are on a desert island: you can take 3 books to read which ones will you pick?
To be honest I’m not much of a reader, but when I do find a good read I tend to read it time and time again. I tend to take a book or two on holiday, so give me a hot climate and I’d happily keep my nose stuck in a book. A book that has always stuck in my head is ‘A Place Called Here’ by Cecelia Ahern. Another book I would take would be ‘P.S. I Love You’ (I’m a bit of a sucker for a romance)! The third and final book would be the 4th Harry Potter book.
The 3-minute elevator challenge: You’re in an elevator with the Prime Minister and you have 3 minutes, how do you convince him that Merit Group will solve their talent challenge?
The team at Merit are dedicated to giving the best experience possible and always put in 100%. They thrive at every challenge given and don’t stop until it is completed.
As well as working amazingly as a team, each individual at Merit demonstrates the qualities needed to be successful and the contribution by each is what makes Merit a success.
Merit’s number one policy is honesty and trust. Without honesty and trust you don’t have the foundations to build a relationship, whether it be with a client or candidate. This is where Merit is in its own league. We dedicate our time to making both our clients and candidates experiences specific to their needs which in time builds a strong connection with everyone and those who are associated with Merit.

photo credits (Homemade Brownie Mix)

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