About Me… Samuel Boundford

About me….

Croeso I fy mlog (Welcome to my blog).

My name is Samuel Boundford, and before I list all my hobbies and interests as blogs tend to do, I am going to start with an interesting fact about myself. I stand at around 5 foot 5, 5 foot 6 if my shoe has a heel. This is the result of not growing since the age of 15 or 16. Lucky me!!!

My main hobbies include rugby, gym and hiking. You did just read hiking, just incase you’re wondering. Most of my time however is spent studying Sport Science with Management at Loughborough University. This summer I will be spending all my time with the delightful team at Merit recruitment, in the role as a client resourcer intern. Recruitment, although an industry I have been interested in for some time now, is completely new for me. In my time here I am looking to jump in with both feet and experience everything that recruitment and Merit has to offer.

What did you want to be before the age of 10 and why?

When I was a mere 10 years of age, I used to dream of reaching the stars! Literally I wanted to be an astronaut. I used to ask for all sorts of telescopes and space related things, in the hope of one day becoming one of the lucky few that get to leave the planet. I believe that this dream also kickstarted my interest in my science studies at school (yes I enjoyed Science! I am a bit of a self-confessed nerd).

What do you want to be by the age of 35?

So firstly I want to still have hair, unlike my father. In terms of career, I want to be running and/or owning my own recruitment office/business in one of the economic powerhouses of the world such as London, Chicago, New York, Paris, Los Angeles.

You are on a desert island: you can take 3 books to read which ones will you pick?

So firstly, I know the story like I wrote it myself, but Of Mice And Men would be my first choice. In each case I would still read in hope that George does not shoot Lennie. Secondly, I would take the first real book I can ever remember reading, Charlotte’s Web. Thirdly, I would take Ray Mears Outdoor Survival Handbook. Why not I’m on a desert island and who better to help me than Ray Mears (nobody say Bear Grylls, Mears is the original).

The 3 minute elevator challenge: You’re in an elevator with the Prime Minister and you have 3 minutes, how do you convince him that Merit Group will solve their talent challenge?

After only spending the time I have with Merit, there is no doubt that the team are a determined group accompanied with dedication and integrity. These three qualities along with expert insights to every industry that they recruit in, makes Merit a blueprint for success. The defining characteristic of Merit is its relationship management of both clients and candidates. No stone is left unturned and each service is tailored to suit the individual candidate and client. The thorough and thoughtful process that goes into each and every service offering, makes Merit an undoubtedly successful recruitment company.

Photo Credit : Ben Fanning

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