AI in Recruitment : Short Introduction

What is AI?

There seems to be some confusion over what AI is. Although the likes of Stephen Hawking have warned that AI could see the end of human civilization, the idea that AI could lead to a Terminator style doomsday event occurring are far-fetched to say the least.

Simply put Artificial Intelligence is software that can complete a task that is usually carried out by people; in particular, things that are associated with people acting intelligently. AI isn’t going to run a mock and destroy us all and; although, it may put some of us out of work it is likely to create as many jobs as it displaces.

How can AI help in recruitment?

Although AI has made giant leaps in progress the past few years it is still a long way from being able to do a recruiter’s job, it will play a massive role in stream lining the recruitment process. With the help of AI recruiters will be able to have access to top quality CV’s for the positions they are looking for. Recruiters will be able to enter key terms, desirables and job requirements into a database. The AI will then produce a list of ideal candidates.

However, AI can go further than this. More advanced AI will be able to screen candidate’s “lives” rather than just their CVs, in order to find the best match for the job. AI will be able to screen potential candidates via their digital footprint to ensure that candidates not only have the right skills for the job but are also well suited to the organisation’s culture.

As time passes on AI will be able to play an even larger role in recruitment and will continue to make the recruitment process more streamlined and cost-effective.

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