Beat the Stress!

Christmas is coming and stress is building up in the office, so much to do before the Christmas break and the time to do it is constantly running away from you. But don’t panic, read below and take on some tips to lower the stress building up inside of you!



Manage Your Time:
Flexible little routines lower stress by increasing daily predictability
Remember that your schedule doesn’t need to be rigid
Create short lists for today only, focus on the here and now





preparePreparing Is Preventing:
o Takes 10 minutes each evening to prepare for the next day
o Write down meal plans & pack lunches ahead of time
o Pick out clothing, set out shoes & put items you need in one place
o Call or arrange meetings with positive & funny friends





little-thingsEnjoy The Little Things
o Slow down and enjoy your work, try not to see it as a chore
o Take a break, have a coffee or a cup of tea. It’s recommended that you work for 50 minutes then break for 10, each hour.
o But don’t lose focus on your work





moveMove Around
o Regular exercise reducers stress & improves health
o Even small spurts of activity can work, have a walk round the office
o A 10-minute walk can be as beneficial as a 45-minute workout to relieve anxiety





VARIOUSLaugh Often
o A bit of office banter is great for lowering stress levels
o Laughter releases endorphin’s that improve mood & health
o It also lowers levels of the stress hormones cortisol & epinephrine

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