How would you rate career advice at your school?

Myself, I wouldn’t rate my school too highly, I don’t remember getting much advice and education when it came to careers, I think we got a ‘special’ day to learn how to manage money and how to get a job, but it really didn’t have an impact on me and everything was forgotten by the time I’d got home.

So, should we be increasing the amount of advice and education in careers that we’re giving to our current pupils? Well the House of Commons Sub-Committee on Education, Skills & the Economy, think that we should.


Ministers have recently been accused of ‘burying their heads in the sand’ over the poor state of careers education and advice in England’s schools. MPs are warning that careers information and advice is patchy and that often not enough is given. They state that too many pupils are leaving education without the tools to help them consider their future job options, for example how their skills and experience will fit with opportunities in the job market.

The warning comes as the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants said eight out of 10 British school-leavers “lacked essential business skills” such as numeracy.

So how was your experience with careers at school? Complete our Careers Education Survey and let us know!


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