A Clean Work Space Has Its Benefits

A clean work space is important for both your health and your professional image. Just as you would clean yourself and look smart for an interview or meeting, your work space should reflect this, if it doesn’t then all the effort you’ve put into preening yourself will be a waste of time.

Keeping your workplace clean and tidy can seem like a chore, however it’ll have many benefits.


It’ll give a professional image:
If you walk into a messy, unorganised and dirty office, you’re not going to be impressed. You are straight away going to be put off having any association with the business. An untidy and dirty office space connotates that your business is lazy and unsuccessful. Visitors want to see someone who takes pride in their work and this is reflected in the state of their office. A tidy work space also makes it easier for you to be productive, find the things you need and allows you to finish tasks quickly and professionally. When clients visit, they’ll see your organisation as a direct reflection on you, your seriousness in business and your professionalism.


Healthier Employees:
Work place illnesses is one of the leading cause of inefficiency and falling behind in your tasks. A lack of cleanliness may just be the culprit behind every sniffle and runny nose in the office and every sick day that’s been taken. Sick days cost the economy £29 Billion per year and UK workers lose on average 9.1 days per year to sickness.

So maybe it’s time to clean up your work space. Whether you want to believe it or not work places are full of germs, with many hands touching surfaces such as door handles, rails and even the little button on the water cooler, these germs are spread more than you may realise. Approximately 80% of common infections are transmitted by touch.


Boost your employees:
Working in a clean and healthy work environment can have a major effect on your employees. Even if they love their job, they can be put off it, if they’re working in a dirty and messy environment. Not caring about the look of your workplace and reflect on how your employees think you feel about them. If you can’t be bothered to create a nice place for them to work, employees will start to think you’re not bothered about them and how they feel. Therefore, a lack of motivation will appear in the work place, employees will start to care less about the company they’re working for and the work rate and talent is sure to decrease.


However, cleaning your work space can be time consuming, you may not know the best way to attempt to do this or whether your cleaning will be sufficient to tackle the above problems. This is where we at Merit Hygiene Services come in. Merit Hygiene Services are one of Hampshire’s leading cleaning companies delivering outstanding cleaning services and contract cleaning at very competitive prices. We ensure high standards by recruiting and retaining the best employees who are dedicated, hardworking and reliable and our experienced cleaning managers are available 24/7 to deal with our clients cleaning requirements.

Find out more information and get in contact on 01256 471 508.

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