Cleaniness improves productivity in the workplace

You may think your workplace is clean enough for you, but is it really? Read below to see what the benefits are of having a clean workplace.

Healthier Employees
Most employers will already know that the less sick days taken by employees, the greater the productivity of their employees and business. However, most employers are unaware of the worrying statistics around employee health. It is important to consider that your workplace should be cleaned on a regular basis to combat poor hygiene demonstrated by some employees. Regularly cleaning your workplace will drastically reduce the number of harmful bacteria. This in turn will help to boost the general health of workplace employees.

Better Equipment
Dirty equipment in an office can short-circuit or become over heated, which produces a serious fire risk. Paperwork is often piled high on desks and is highly flammable, therefore bins and recycling points should be emptied regularly.
Larger pieces of equipment, such as forklifts in warehouses can also cause dangers to employees in environments such as warehouses. Equipment can rust and therefore not work productively, they can also leak oil which causes a slip hazard to employees if it is not cleaned up!

Rise in Staff Morale
A light, bright and clean office significantly contributes to staff morale. Dirtier workplaces where dust is being breathed in, keyboards are sticky and bathroom facilities are left unclean have a higher employee turnover than others which are kept clean. Spillages that are left unattended to and other forms of workplace clutter may pose a hazard, as people may injure themselves. Also, if you keep a dirty and disorganised workplace, employees are more likely to feel that the company does not have very high standards, which may then be reflected in the quality of their work.

Business Standards
Anybody who views your workplace will form certain perceptions of the business and business owners. A clean, modern and fresh workplace, that is well structured and organised suggest that the company carries these values throughout. For example, a clean workplace may suggest that the company is also meticulous in its business practises.

Employees Want to Stay
The level of cleanliness of a workplace will have a direct effect on the likeliness of employees bringing their food into work to cook, and working over-time. Put simply, a grubby workplace will deter people from staying there longer. For example, more people are likely to leave the premises in their lunch hour to source food if the company’s cooking facilities are below par. Many reasons may then factor in them returning to the workplace late after their lunch break has finished. If your employees feel comfortable to cook and interact with other employees, company morale is likely to increase and more work is likely to be completed.


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