Create a Clean, Happy and Productive Workplace


Facility cleanliness is an important component to creating a safer and healthier working environment. However, have you ever thought about how it can cut down employee sick days and absenteeism and improve employee attitude and productivity? 18 months ago, research conducted by a workplace services provider found that:

  • 48% of employees are unhappy with the standards of hygiene in their workplace
  • 88% of employees reported that the standard of their workplace impacts their productivity

When asked what could be upgraded, the survey respondents felt most strongly about improved scents, office cleanliness and washroom hygiene. It was also revealed that with 87% working in an open plan office, 25% would welcome a casual breakout area.


The survey also highlighted a strong relationship between the standard of the workplace and company culture (68%), as well as a high correlation between the standard of the workplace and employee work life balance (64%).


At Merit Hygiene Services we understand that your image is important when it comes to everyday business. Be it to welcome your clients and visitors to a pristine and professional environment or simply have your employees thrive in a spotless and safe environment. With all this we can help, for a free quote simply call 01256 471 508 or email


We service all businesses, from small office setups to large commercial or industrial facilities and everything else in between. All our services are tailored around our client’s needs and requirements.

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