How to get better customer feedback

Customer feedback is pretty important when running a business, it tells you what you’re doing right and what needs to change, you can learn so much from your customers and can make your business better from listening to what they have to say.

Customer feedback has evolved since its origins with informal surveys, according to Vision Critical. Most businesses use a combination of online reviews, annuals surveys and even interviews to analyze what their customers think about them, however with technology improving every day and consumer trends on the move we all need to remain effective in our approach to customer feedback, to get the best responses.


Shorter questions
For the average person, when they are asked to fill in a survey, they’ll immediately want to delete the email or will sigh with annoyance. People don’t like the idea of taking half an hour to fill out your very in depth survey with long winded questions asking for long winded answers. So, the way to combat this is to simply ask only one or two questions. Yes, you may gather less data, but the data you do get will be more accurate and more responses will be made, therefore collecting a broader aspect of data from your customers.


Do it now, not later
People who give feedback after a few days or weeks are likely to forget how they truly felt during their experience with you, or just won’t bother. Also, if they’ve left you feeling angry or upset they may exaggerate the situation. The more time that passes between an experience and a review, the less likely the customer will be to participate.
The solution to this problem is immediate evaluation, or real-time data collection. Customers need to have the power to review services and leave feedback as they’re experiencing them. This makes it faster and more accurate, and encourages more people to participate overall.


Make it easy
Most customer surveys include significant effort on the customer’s part. Some surveys require you to visit a website, sign up to that website and to do a lot more things before you actually get to the survey. By having a process like this less people are likely to participate and you won’t collect much data. So make it easier for your customer, cut out the rubbish and take them straight to the survey, maybe add a few questions at the end of a payment process or add an option to add some feedback about their experience with you.




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