Dress to Impress! What to wear at an interview

Dressing sharp for an interview, whatever the position, is very important. You want to demonstrate your professionalism to the interviewer and be remembered for your personality and performance and not as ‘’the one wearing the t-shirt and flip flops’’. You will be able to adhere to the employer’s dress code later but you need to get the job first! Play it safe and iron that shirt- you’ll look smart and it will give you a big confidence boost.

The outfit you wear at your interview will have a big impact on your first impression, so make sure you look your best. Regardless of the company dress code, for an interview you should always try and go conservative. It is usually inappropriate to dress down when you first meet your employer. Make sure your outfit is clean and pressed. You should be looking your best and so squeezing into the suit you wore to your Aunt’s wedding when you were 13 isn’t ideal. A new suit is a valuable investment, something that you can use again in the future for further interviews.

There are cheap options out there:

  • At Marks and Spencer’s, you can get yourself a pretty fetching suit from as low as £79. They have an extensive collection as well as members of staff that are happy to help you with your purchase.
  • You can pick up a women’s suit jacket from Matalan for just £18. You can then pair it with some suit trousers that will on cost you £6
  • At Tesco Direct you can purchase suit jackets from as little as £10 and two piece suits from as little as £29.99. There is plenty to choose from if you need to look snappy on a budget. Women’s pencil skirts are available for just £14 and you can pick up a formal pencil dress for just £16.
  • At Asda, you can do your weekly shop and also pick up a suit jacket from as little as £35.

The point is that you can look your best at an interview even when you’re on a budget. It’s better to look over dressed than under dressed! You want to look business professional. Accessories will give your look a personal touch and demonstrate an attention to detail, and a bit of creativity. Make sure you’re ready to go by dry cleaning your outfit and giving it a good iron beforehand- there’s no point dressing to the nines if your outfit is all wrinkled and covered in last night’s dinner!

Unless you’re told otherwise you should assume that your interview is taking place away from areas that require protective clothing. Mechanics leave your overalls at home! It is best to operate on the basis that the interview will take place away from any potentially hazardous or dirty environment, that it will be in a formal office like area and so you should dress appropriately to match.

For more help, you can check out Bruce Woodcock’s ‘How to Make the Best Impression with Recruiters’ book. You can always check out YouTube for videos that offer advice and other interview tips; YouTube is a vast resource that should be made the most of considering its free and you can find out all you need to know on there. From how to dress to interview tips YouTube can be incredibly helpful when you’re preparing to meet an employer. But if youre ever in doubt, then remember- dress to impress!

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