Employment rights, the myth, the EU & why we vote REMAIN

As the days draw closer to the what I believe will prove to be one of the most important, life changing votes we have been called to make in many decades. I urge you to reflect on a few great things our membership of the EU has brought to our employees.

  • Minimum paid annual leave (now 28 days a year including bank holidays)
  • Additional rights for agency and temporary workers and for part-time workers
  • Current pregnancy and maternity leave rights
  • Parental leave
  • Working time (which includes a maximum of a 48-hour week unless you agree otherwise, and minimum rest breaks each day)
  • Equal pay
  • Anti-discrimination rules on race, sex, disability, age and sexual orientation
  • Data protection rights

Let us not forget that many of the aforementioned rights had been left to the market dictates and it took our membership of the EU to bring in the Working Time Directive in 1998 which formalised what we now take as some of our fundamental working rights. Before that, those “good old days” came with deregulated wages and few employment rights and rewards.

I for one vote REMAIN as I believe in leading motivated, protected and rewarded teams.


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