First Impressions – It’s the small things that count

First impressions are important. Especially when interviewing for a job, for both the employer and potential employee. From the moment two people met they’re sizing each other up, taking note of the small things as well as the most obvious. From the firmness of your handshake to your handwriting there’s a lot than be said about a person in the first few minutes of meeting them. So what tests do we and others use to gauge a new person’s personality? Here’s a list of a few that have been mentioned.


handshakeYour Handshake
A strong handshake reflect a strong and confident character whilst a weaker one indicates a lack of confidence. Research backs up the idea that your handshake can reveal certain aspects of your personality. One study found that people with firm handshakes were more likely to be extroverted and emotionally expressive and less likely to be shy and neurotic.




Biting your nails
Sushrut Munje has strong views on people with bitten nails ‘If the nails have a bitten past, it’s a sign of a stressful period. If they are still bitten, the person eats away at himself and has weak will.’ Meanwhile research suggests that those who bite their nails, pull their hair or pick at their skin tend to be perfectionists, unable to fully relax.




punctualityYour Punctuality
Punctuality is very important when attending a job interview. You want to make a great impression from the very beginning. If you’re late to the interview your potential employer may well be forming a negative opinion already whilst they’re waiting for you to turn up. However according to science, those who are chronically late aren’t necessarily inconsiderate people, they’re probably more laid back ‘Type B’ individuals, however this is not an impression to give your new employer!




handwritingYour Handwriting
Although not so important these days with the use of computers dominating the ‘old fashioned way’ of pen & paper, your handwriting can tell a lot about you. People who put a lot of pressure on pen and paper tend to be more stubborn in attitude and have a lot of confidence. Large letters indicate that you’re people oriented whilst small letters suggest your more introverted. Letters that slant to the right can mean you’re friendly and sentimental, those that don’t slant at all might mean you’re pragmatic, and letters that slant to the left suggest you’re introspective.


questionAsking Questions
How soon you ask a question to conversation reveals if you’re a giver or a taker. In a job interview this lets the you, as the employer, distinguish between people who like you and people who like what you can provide them. Asking questions is also a good way to show interest in a job, wanting to find out as much as you can so you’re all prepared for your first day. As well as this it pleases the employer that you’re showing an interest in their company, you’ve not just come along for the paycheck.




There you go, something to think about at your next interview. However small a thing it may be, it could be noticed, remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

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