Get Yourself Motivated!

It’s Friday and you’re counting down the hours until you can step out the office door and start the weekend. But oh, you’ve just remembered you’ve got a ton of work to finish before you can leave and you frankly just can’t be bothered, it is Friday after all.

Don’t get stuck in that mood, you need to get yourself motivated so that you can go home happy that everything is done and there’s a lot less to worry about on Monday. Getting motivated on a Friday is sometimes hard to do, so here’s a few tips I’ve found to help you out!


5-minute-timer“Just 5 Minutes”
5 minutes of focus is usually enough to break through your lack of enthusiasm, keep going and before you know it an hour or two will have passed on you’ll be well on your way to finishing your daily tasks!



smileChange your look
Did you know that you can use your body to fool your brain? If you sit in an upright position, rather than slouching and smile instead of having that grumpy look upon your face then you’ll start to feel better about your day! Get up walk around and smile at anyone you pass, as they may smile back and that’ll make you feel good!


Businesswoman with headphones typing on keyboard

Turn it up
Playing your favourite music, whether it’s out loud or through headphones, can lift your spirits, increase your happiness and it’ll pump yourself up to work to a good beat. Make sure you’re not distracted by the music though, finding yourself dancing around your desk rather than doing the tasks you’re meant to be doing!



celebrate_workPicture yourself succeeding
Imagine how you’ll feel once you’ve finished your tasks for the day. You’ll be happy and very proud of yourself! Thinking about this will give you a rush of dopamine, a chemical in our brains that helps to boost motivation!




breakDon’t force it
Motivation only lasts for so long so when you’re feeling like your running out take a break for a few minutes, refresh yourself and start again!

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