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“Google it” has become a very much used phrase over the last few years. Google has answered many disputes and many annoyances such as “oh I’ve seen that guy in another film but I can’t remember which one!” Quick solution, Google it! But just what have we been ‘googling’ this year?

Google has revealed that ‘Euro 16’ was the UK’s top trending item of the year. This was followed by the popular game Pokémon Go, late singer David Bowie and new US President Donald Trump.

Google UK top trending searches of 2016:

1 – Euro 2016
2 – Pokémon Go
3 – David Bowie
4 – Donald Trump
5 – Prince
6 – EU referendum/Brexit
7 – Alan Rickman
8 – Olympics
9 – US Election
10 – Deadpool

Google global top trending searches of 2016:

1 – Pokémon Go
2 – iPhone 7
3 – Donald Trump
4 – Prince
5 – Powerball
6 – David Bowie
7 – Deadpool
8 – Olympics
9 –
10 – Suicide Squad


Google has also analysed how its search tools are used to rank UK queries by topic, giving further insight into users’ fads and preoccupations over the past 12 months.

Pikachu and his fellow monsters were obviously on a lot of minds because “How to play Pokémon Go?” was not only the most popular “How to…?” question, but “What is Pokémon Go?” was also the most popular “What is…?” entry too.

Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle may have only hit the headlines in late October – when their relationship was still a rumour – but she managed to become the UK’s most searched for “famous woman”. Her male equivalent was Conor McGregor, the Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champion.

Deadpool beat other comic book movies including Suicide Squad, Batman v Superman and Captain America: Civil War to become the most searched for movie.

And Strictly Come Dancing edged out Celebrity Big Brother in the TV stakes.

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