Got the sick bug? That doesn’t stop many from coming to work

Have you ever felt that you are ill, but if you don’t go to work you’ll either feel bad or have too much work to catch up on? Well you are not alone.  With over two thirds (67.5%) of employees going into work when they are unwell, with 68.3% admitting that they feel guilty for taking sick days. This is according to new research from the UK’s leading independent job site, CV-Library, which also found that the average employee (66.4%) only takes between one to two sick days a year.

The study, which surveyed 1,300 UK workers, goes on to reveal that 86.5% of workers feel much less productive at work when they are unwell. Furthermore:

  • 83.8% of employees advise that it is unbeneficial for businesses to have staff in when they’re unwell
  • 84.3% of employees believe they should not go into work when they’re sick
  • 54.6% report that their employer does not send them home when they’ve been unwell at work

The research also explored the topic of sickness entitlements, revealing that only half (55.9%) of companies offer sick pay, placing many of the nation’s workers in a financial conundrum if they are unable to afford time off. In comparison, 94.3% of workers believe that all businesses should continue to pay their employees when they are off sick.

via Recruitment Buzz

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