Happiness in the Workplace

Knowing you’ll be happy at work is an important factor when looking for a new job, especially as most city workers are now spending more time at work than ever before. If you’re happy at work, Monday mornings don’t feel as bad as they could do and it considerably makes it easier to get up on those dark winter mornings! But how happy are professionals in our cities?

LinkedIn has carried out a satisfaction survey and found that professionals working for small businesses are the happiest employees in the UK, with those in Brighton topping the list at 48%. Closely following them at 45% are those working in Glasgow & Leeds.



The top 10 list is:

1. Brighton (48%)
=2. Glasgow & Leeds (45%)
=4. Manchester & Sheffield (43%)
6. Edinburgh (42%)
=7. Birmingham & Southampton (41%)
=9. London, Liverpool & Cardiff (39%)



According to the survey, being satisfied with our lives at work is extremely important, so much so that over half of the UK would be prepared to take a pay cut if that meant they would be happy. It was also found that whilst money is one of the biggest ‘fulfilment factors’ in the UK, us brits prize relationships with colleagues with just as much priority when considering their job satisfaction (54%). This is followed by doing work that has a positive impact (44%) and achieving a healthy work life balance (38%).

We hope that you’re all happy where you’re working, fill out our survey and let us know! However if that’s not the case, remember that we’ve got lots of job positions waiting for you on our job website!


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