Happy Employees Make Great Results!

It’s true! If employees are happy in their job, feel appreciated and get positive comments, they will love their job. Therefore, they will work harder because they’ll care about a company that cares about them and will want it to be successful. If they aren’t happy in what they do, they’ll care less and they’ll work less and won’t put as much effort in to what they do.

To keep employees fulfilled, productive, and engaged–and reduce the expense and disruption of turnover–make sure you’re incorporating these principles into your leadership every day. However, this is not just up to the boss, employees need to do this for each other too.

Go beyond being accessible, when you’re with an employee or colleague, stay in the moment. Keep distractions at a minimum, listen to who you’re talking to and don’t interrupt. Don’t just be someone who can only be contacted over the phone or by email if you sit only a few desks away, speak in person to everyone, as it will make whoever you’re speaking to feel more valued.

Care & Respect
Demonstrate that you are there for your team, through good and bad times, help each other out when the times get tough and congratulate each other’s wins. Listen to others when they’re speaking, you might just learn something and you’ll demonstrate that you respect and value who’s speaking to you, which will make them feel worthwhile.

Empowerment & Inclusion
When making a decision, solicit, value and incorporate colleague’s ideas and opinion. Those who participate actively in generating a solution will be much more interested in the outcome and will feel like they’re contributing to the business and making a difference. Also, give your employees and colleagues room to take ownership of what they do and they’ll bring excitement and commitment to their work.

Offer your employees as much flexibility as possible in time and scheduling. When you do, you’ll set an example of agility and you will make it easier for employees to live a balanced and productive life!

Appreciated employees are engaged employees. They know that who they are and what they do matters to the organization. Helping your employees prosper–keeping them informed and showing them appreciation and respect–is worth your time every day.

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