Health & Safety At Work

Whether you like it being drummed in to you or not, health & safety is important in the workplace. No-one wants to get hurt and be off work for days on end and your employers don’t want that either. Statistics from the Health and Safety Executive show that employers faced an estimated cost of 14 billion pounds because of accidents in the workplace in 2015/16 and 30 million working days were lost in the UK. When you see statistics like that you may change your feelings when you’re next given a health and safety talk.

Surely everyone (even if you haven’t been taught it) knows to lift a box with their knees, instead of using their back, this is just one of many examples of how we can damage ourselves in the workplace, however there’s hidden factors as well, such as germs in the workplace. These of course can make employees sick, causing them to take days off, which will inevitably cost the company they work for. The best way to prevent this of course, is to give your office a good clean on a regular basis.

It’s just not ourselves that can cause the damage, machines are also something we must consider when it comes to health and safety, large equipment such as forklifts can turn over or slide into a wall or a pile of pallets in warehouse with a spillage on the ground. This is why you need to keep your warehouse clean, to prevent such accidents and losing your employees to having days off to recover from an accident. Clearing up also helps in the way of empty pallets and debris blocking the routes of forklifts. Floor visibility can be difficult when sitting on a high seated forklift and therefore aisles need to be clear to prevent forklifts from crashing into such debris, perhaps causing the forklift to topple over and injuring whoever is driving it. The OHSA (Occupational Health and Safety Act) requires that warehouse be kept neat and clean with clear aisles.

Solutions to health and safety in the workplace often come down to how clean and tidy the establishment is. Ok, not every company has the time to tidy up and clean the decks as such, so that’s why companies such as Merit Hygiene Services exist, if you’re looking for a reputable company to come and clean your workplace, give us a call on 01256 471508 or visit our website to find out what we do!

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