Should we be cleaning up our high streets?

The look of a high street says a lot about a town, it affects the experience we have there and will ultimately be part of the decision of whether we’ll return or will never come back! However, keeping our high streets looking good is harder than it may seem. Building and shop fronts can quickly become dirty or defaced from bird droppings, pollution, graffiti and grime. These can all build up over time and become an unhygienic and unsightly part of our environment.

The retail world is constantly changing, shopping arcades and online shopping are becoming more popular than the humble high street. High street business owners are working harder than ever to survive and are facing pressures to gain and retain customers. Maybe a good old clean up might make high streets a more attractive place to be.

In business, as well as life, first impressions count. It’s human nature and we’re all guilty for making them. When choosing a shop or restaurant it’s outside appearance is surely bound to make an impression on you and it will determine whether you’ll take a step inside and will spend your money.

For buildings, beauty is more than skin deep. A well cared for building creates the impression of a well-run professional business that cares Our High Streets and the businesses they contain, each have their own USPs, they can offer a unique customer experience, exceptional service and a clean and bright welcome. Customers leave premises with the feeling that they wish to return. Business starts with the first impression; a poor first impression could mean that business doesn’t start at all.

Clean buildings could help to rejuvenate our high streets. Imagine the contrast between a dirty, run down high street compared to a clean and well-presented one, which one would you prefer to visit? Businesses have a chance to thrive as they benefit from increased footfall, more sales and higher profits. Added to an improved appearance, building cleaning improves hygiene and helps to preserve and protect them for the future.

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