It’s that time of the year….

Halloween and Bonfire Night are both out the picture, there’s no excuses, it’s all about Christmas now. Our favourite stores are filled with sparkly decorations and our high streets will soon be looking very similar, however over the previous few years the great anticipation of Christmas has seemed to have started with the Christmas TV adverts.
If you’ve been watching the TV this weekend, you’ll have seen that there’s quite a few out already, including ones from Argos, Very & Currys/PC World. However not many people are talking about these, because everyone is waiting for the big one, the John Lewis Christmas advert.
Over the past few years this has become the one to look out for, taking over from Coca Cola’s ‘Holidays are coming’ advert with the famous Coca Cola truck. Every year John Lewis bring a new heart-felt story to our screens and I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to see what they’ve made for us this year.
Every advert they’ve made so far has had a loving story with of course a great soundtrack, a song that has become just as important to Christmas as the Christmas No. 1! Nobody knows what the advert will be this year, yet and there’s many a speculation going around. How can they top the previous year’s successes? Let’s have a look at just what there is to be beaten, from the last few years.


man-on-the-moon2015 – Man on the Moon
John Lewis teamed up with charity Age UK to create a beautiful story about a young girl spotting an Old Man alone on the moon through her telescope, after which she unsuccessfully tries in different ways to send a drawing to him, by shooting arrows and making paper airplanes. Whilst having a lovely Christmas with her family, she spies the old man alone on his bench, so what does she do? Send up a present by balloons of course! We see him open it up and it’s a telescope!  This advert was accompanied by Aurora’s cover of Oasis’s ‘Half the World Away’.




monty-penguin2014 – Monty the Penguin
Now this is one of my favourites out of the John Lewis Christmas adverts, it told the story of the unlikely friendship between and a penguin (Monty). John Lewis stated that the strapline for this advert was ‘Give someone the Christmas they’ve been waiting for’, which we see when the little boy noticing his penguin’s penchant for true love, the boy then goes on to present Monty with his true love on Christmas Day! The song in this advert was The Beatles ‘Real Love’, covered by ‘Tom Odell’.




bear-and-hare2013 – The Bear & The Hare
In a kind of Disney style animation, this years advert told the story of a very excited about Christmas, hare and his friend the bear, who is seen to be taking a more moody approach to the Christmas season, ready to settle down and hibernate to avoid the whole season altogether. However, he is soon persuaded to wake back up by the hare who leads him to the Christmas celebrations in the woods and the bear suddenly realises just how special Christmas can be! Accompanied by Lily Allen’s cover of Keane’s ‘Somewhere only we know’, this advert was a great success.




Who knows what John Lewis will be hitting our screens with this year. All I know is that it will be truly magical and will probably bring a tear to your eye, I can’t wait to see it and most people are placing their bets on the advert being aired this weekend, so keep a look out for it!


10/11/2016 – Update

The 2016 John Lewis Christmas Advert has now gone live! Buster the Boxer is the star of this years advert and well, I’m not going to spoil the story for you, watch it here.
We at Merit absolutely love it and can’t wait to see it again and again on our TV screens up until Christmas! It hasn’t made us cry this year, in fact it’s put a smile on our faces and we’ve had a few giggles too!

Christmas has officially begun!


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