Jobs Outlook March 2018

Jobs Outlook: March 2018

See below what the latest figures are showing for February/March 2018

*Information obtained from the REC

  • Permanent Staff

17% of employers plan to increase permanent staff in the next 4-12 months. This is down from 22% this time last year.

  • Demand for Agency Workers

The net balance of medium term demand for agency workers this rolling quarter increased by 10 points to +13. This was driven by a doubling of employers planning to increase headcount.

  • Areas of concern

Engineering/Technical and Health & Social Care have been the two top skills areas of concern for the last three rolling quarters for permanent staff.

  • Greater Confidence

More employers are feeling certain about their temporary hiring plans, with only 18% unsure, down from 34% last quarter.

  • Pay Increase

Only 50% of employers actioned pay increased in the time between December 2017 and February 2018, down from 65% the previous year.


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