Looking to save this Christmas?

If you’re a bit of a Scrooge when it comes to spending at Christmas, then you may well be in luck this year! According to an index that tracks seasonal food, the price of Christmas dinner is now at its lowest since the tracking began in 2009!

The Christmas dinner index – complied by Good Housekeeping magazine – suggests that the 11 ingredients that are necessary for a Christmas dinner are now 10.8% cheaper than they were in 2009. Everything from the turkey to the Christmas pudding is likely to cost £2.48 a head this year compared to the cost of 2009’s dinner which was £2.78 (this is of course if you buy your ingredients from the cheapest supermarket!).

Separate research that goes back as far as 1968 comes to a similar conclusion. Figures suggest that Christmas dinner last year was the cheapest on record at £37.37 for a family of four. The research, carried out by home interiors firm, Hillarys, stated that in 1975 the same dinner cost nearly £55. Last year a Christmas tree cost an average of £24.99, compared with £208 in 1975!

If you think carefully about where you shop this year, you could save yourself half the money if you compare the cheapest supermarkets to the most expensive!



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