Make Your Washroom Wonderful with Harmonising Fragrances

The power of our sense of smell is one that cannot be underestimated. Directly influencing our memory and the emotional part of our brain, the fragrance of a particular environment can impact how we feel within it and how we remember it, especially if it’s very pleasant – or conversely, very unpleasant. [via Bunzl CHS]

Washrooms are one place in particular where scent can make a great impact upon users, and as well as managing and neutralising any malodours it’s important to maintain a clean, fresh and pleasant ambient fragrance. Many types of air care, odour control and fragrance solutions exist, but when several are used together they can create a ‘fragrance clash’ which can be overwhelming or even aggressive to the senses.

With an ever-greater understanding of the effect that fragrances have upon us, and a thorough knowledge of how fragrances work with (or against) each other, washroom product manufacturers are showing a greater interest in air care trends and are moving towards the use of ‘harmonising fragrances’ across their product ranges.

Let’s take a closer look at the technology of harmonising fragrances and the brands that are embracing them, as well as how simple they are to implement in your washroom.

What are harmonising fragrances?

Harmonising fragrances are those that are within the same fragrance family, so they complement, balance and carry one another rather than competing, which is what causes the undesirable fragrance clash. Fragrance families have been used for centuries in the creation of perfumes; below is the iconic Fragrance Wheel created by perfume expert Michael Edwards, which shows all of the fragrance families and the relationships between them.

Fragrance Wheel

To put it very simply, fragrance notes from the same family, or related families can be layered to create different types of fragrances, such as Woody Orientals or Fresh Florals, as well as to alter the elements of the overall fragrance – for example, its depth, brightness, richness, warmth, and so on. Fragrance harmonising is certainly a highly sophisticated skill.

Image Credit(s): Bunzl CHS


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