Make your work day a good one!

Can one ever have the perfect day at work? Yes, you can! Unfortunately, there’s always something niggling, usually inside your brain, the stress of finishing a project in time, or making sure you’ve calculated those figures correctly and that they look good!

So just for you I have found some tips to make your week feel a bit brighter!


6-8The Night Before:
Remember, preparation is key, prepare to prevent is what I always say! So before you go to bed, put out tomorrow’s clothes, prepare tomorrow’s lunch and most importantly make sure you get 6-8 hours sleep!



None of us have enough time in the morning, so refrain from pressing that snooze button (however tempting it may be), get up, have a good breakfast and if you still have time try and fit in some exercise. Starting your day positively will help you through the rest of it!


trafficThe Commute:
We all complain about getting to work, whether it’s traffic on the road, being squashed on a train or having your umbrella break on your walk in. However, it is good that we complain apparently, as if we take a pessimistic approach to our journey in and if what we’re expecting doesn’t happen, your face will be beaming when you stroll into work feeling oh so smug!




first-halfFirst Half of the Day
So you get into work sit down at your desk and think ‘Well I’d better work my way up to the horrendous tasks I have on my list today, let’s start by checking my emails’. Don’t do that! If it’s important that you do then carry on, but it’s not so important just get stuck in. You do your best work in the morning whilst your brain is rested, don’t fill it up with all the junk mail in your inbox, get started now, and get the horrible tasks over and done with!



So it’s lunchtime, finally! Get out of the office and relax for an hour, research shows that getting out of the office makes a more productive afternoon. Pair a healthy lunch with a brisk walk to stretch your legs and you’ll feel all refreshed when you get back to your desk.


So you should be feeling all refreshed after your lunch break, give your emails another check and then get on with whatever else needs to be done! As you start to slow down towards the end of the day, focus on organisational tasks, such as clearing emails, tidying your desk and making sure you know what needs to be done tomorrow. Be prepared!


You’re back home, make yourself a lovely dinner, put your feet up and relax, don’t stress about tomorrow, forget about work and enjoy yourself!





Pictures taken from Outbox Documents

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