Meet our new Client Resourcer Alexandra Shutler!

A bit about you…


My name is Alexandra and I’m a Client Resourcer here at Merit. I’m twenty-one, I have a very positive outlook and I studied Musical Theatre at University (which was lots of fun but did leave me with the habit of bursting out into song every now and then!) I like to think of myself as being quite creative, I love reading, writing, and drawing – though I’m not brilliant at that last one! I’ve been working at Merit for a week now and am really enjoying the new atmosphere in the office.


Why did you choose to join Merit Group?


I chose to join Merit because I like the work they do. Everyone is so hardworking and determined to help others with their recruitment needs and I wanted to be a part of a team like that. It’s hard work but very rewarding when things turn out well. Everybody here is incredibly welcoming too, which is great as a new starter.


You are stuck on a dessert island – what book would you want to have with you to read and why?


That’s a tough one, I think I would bring The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer. It’s all about finding a new way of thinking and the ability to let go and allow others to help. I read it whenever I’m stuck and need a new perspective, so hopefully it would help me think my way off the island!


Failing that, I’d want a book about how to build a raft.


You are in a lift with the CEO of a company that the Merit Group would love the opportunity to work with – how will you convince him/her that we can solve their talent needs?


I would tailor the conversation specifically to the CEO’s company, to make sure they know I’m being genuine and not giving them the same old schtick – it’s the personal touch and knowledge about the company itself that shows we really care. I’d also talk to them about the recruitment team itself and the kind of work we’re already doing. We work in a wider range of employment industries than most recruitment agencies and we are all very passionate which could win them over! 

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