Meet our new Client Resourcer Katerina Kamel!

A bit about you…

Hello, my name is Katerina and I am a Client Resourcer at Merit Recruitment. This is my first office based job and I am enjoying every day at work. I am very appreciative that I was given this amazing opportunity to prove to myself that anything is possible if you have the determination and persistence.

Why did you choose to join Merit Group?

I was impressed by Merit Group from day one when I came to register. I admire their work values, professionalism and their positive and welcoming manner. At Merit, everybody supports each other and there is always someone helping me when I am stuck. For me it’s fun going to work!

You are stuck on a dessert island – what book would you want to have with you to read and why?

If I am stuck on a dessert island and lucky enough to have a book with me, I would like it to be the SAS Survival Guide, The Ultimate Guide To Surviving Anywhere. I think that will come very handy.

You are in a lift with the CEO of a company that the Merit Group would love the opportunity to work with – how will you convince him/her that we can solve their talent needs?

If I am on a lift with a CEO that Merit Group would like to work with, I would take this chance to approach him/her in a professional manner and explain, that if we had the opportunity to work with him/her, they would be working with a company that exceeds its expectations and targets, very passionate about hard work, and with a Can Do and Make It Happen approach. Everyone at Merit Group strives to be Unique. We also love to give back to the community by participating with different Charities like Ark Cancer Centre Charity.

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