Meet our new Executive Assistant: Archie Fleck

A bit about you…

Hi my name is Archie Fleck and I am the new Executive Assistant at Merit Group. I am a gap year student and I just finished A-levels in Maths, Physics and Chemistry with the intention of studying Mechanical Engineering at university. Outside of the workplace I enjoy going to the gym and participating in water sports, even though I can barely swim, I have loved water-skiing and wake-boarding since a young age probably due to the fact that I also love skiing and snowboarding.

Why did you choose to join Merit Group?

I had been struggling to find work when someone suggested Merit Group to me. When I came to be interviewed I felt very welcomed by the whole team and although I have only been here a couple of weeks so far I already feel like part of the community. The hours are long but not without their merit, ba dum tss, and I am looking forward to an enjoyable and rewarding twelve months working here.

You are stuck on a dessert island – what book would you want to have with you to read and why?

If I was stuck on a dessert island I would like to bring bible as even though I am non believer it might be worth a try, right?

You are in a lift with the CEO of a company that the Merit Group would love the opportunity to work with – how will you convince him/her that we can solve their talent needs?

As my time is limited I would use it to convince them that Merit strives to be an overachiever with a dedicated team of hard-working and persistent members. I would also make sure they know we have done our research and show them that we have a plan already set out for their needs if they choose to work with us. Just before exiting I would hand them our business card and give them a firm handshake.

If you were to pass on a piece of advice to someone who was going to their first job, what will that be?

Even though my time here has been short I would urge new employees, to any company, to be on time for work and with deadlines, persistent as giving up is never an option and not afraid to ask for help. These are core values that will mean you have a strong base to stand on to develop other skills such as being innovative and creative.

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