Merit do the Mannequin Challenge!

If you haven’t heard of the mannequin challenge, then I really don’t know where you’ve been as it’s a massive trend in internet video across the world! The video contains a group of people for example, a sports team or a work team in an office, who remain frozen in action whilst a moving camera films them stuck in motion. It is thought that the trend started on October 12th 2016 by students in Jackson, Florida and has since then taken over the world, so we thought that we would join in with the fun!

On the 17th of January 2017, our office was buzzing with excitement, as we all took our places for the Mannequin Challenge! Spreading ourselves around the office we all took our places and posed, ready for the camera to come past us, filming ourselves whilst we were trying very hard not to move a muscle or burst out laughing!

It took a few takes to get one full swoop of the office, it took some longer than others to realise that we weren’t allowed to move a single part of our bodies, including our mouths, ‘be quiet’ and ‘shut up’ was shouted across the office a few times on that morning!

We finally managed to get something together and we had great laughs in doing so. We give our thanks to Adrian Varzaru for filming our fantastic video and are glad that he manged to put up with all our laughter and messing about on the day!

So now it’s time to introduce our amazing Mannequin Challenge video, take a look and laugh at our silly poses and let us know what you think by commenting below!

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