Merit Group Gender Pay Gap Report April 2018

The UK government has introduced a requirement on all employers to publish their gender pay gap by April 2018, based on data at the end of April 2017. The new government reporting rules require us to identify differences in pay between male and female colleagues across the entire workforce regardless of job role.

This is not the same as an “equal pay gap” which measures the pay for males and females doing the same work. It is important to distinguish the gender pay gap from equal pay. Equal pay issues arise where men are paid differently to women for the same work (or work of equal value).  In comparison the gender pay gap involves comparing the pay of men and women within an organisation irrespective of their position and the work they do.

The gender pay gap measures the difference between men and women’s average earnings per hour and is expressed as a percentage of men’s pay. According to the Office for National Statistics, the overall UK gender pay gap is currently 18.1%.   Our mean Gender Pay Gap is only 0.36%.

At Merit Group we are confident that men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the business. The Merit Group’s leadership team fully supports this as it strives to create a fairer and more equal workplace for all. A diverse and fully inclusive company is not only the right thing to do, it is crucial to the sustainability and prosperity of our company.

Analysis of our Gender Pay Gap Report.

This statement is submitted on behalf of Merit Recruitment Ltd. It sets out the gender pay information for our employees which we are required to publish in accordance with the Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017.

The definition of “employee” for gender pay purposes includes a large number of our temporary/contract workers. These are workers engaged by us, placed on assignment with our clients.

A key part of our business is the supply recruitment services we have factored in the differentials.


These results are affected by 95.5% of our employees being contractors. To this end and given the wide spectrum of work we have differentiated between permanent and contactor employees.  

                                                                         Permanent      Contractors      Company

Mean gender pay Gap                                     0.36%               0.3%               0.33%

Median gender pay Gap                                  1.61%                  0                  1.61%

Mean gender bonus gap                                   58%                 n/a                   58%

Median gender bonus gap                                42%                 n/a                   42%

% male employees receiving bonus                 59%                 n/a                   59%

% female employees receiving bonus              58%                 n/a                   58%

Our continued commitment to Equality and Fairness .

The Merit Group encourage all employees to succeed in their roles and teams. We pride ourselves on providing an environment and opportunities which allow everyone to thrive, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or background.
We are proud of demonstrate in real terms how seriously we take our diversity and inclusion strategies which have and will continue to play a key part in the talent agenda we follow.  The success of our strategies is evidenced in our results.

These results however will not mean complacency, rather a continued emphasis in our competency and strengths-based recruiting approach, and individual development programmes.  All our employees are offered the same opportunities as we believe in providing all employees with equal learning and development opportunities.

I confirm that the data published in this report is accurate.

Maria Nunes

Managing Director.


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