Merit Group; who are we?

Merit started life 25 years ago as a recruitment company and over this time has learnt and been part of many firsts to some of the recurring challenges facing the organisations who need reliable partners resourcing dependable talent and services in a cost effective, proactive and consistent way. During our journey we were asked by our challenges to resolve some of their service challenges and being the group we are, namely positive, innovate, people we found ourselves saying, yes, of course! One such challenges resulted in the creation of our Merit Hygiene a company dedicated to provide cleaning & hygiene solutions for commercial and large industrial depots.

I am often asked what makes us stand out over 25 years and for me it is as simple and complex as our motto. Positive, Innovative, People. Finding talent, keeping talent and challenging the talent is our life blood. That and technology.

Merit Hygiene Services




At Merit Hygiene Services, we have implemented scan check points where workers can check in and out of specific areas of the buildings, providing us with valuable insights such as time taken, when and who operated in the area.




Merit Recruitment

How to be available to resolve problems outside the 9am to 5pm?
We introduced an out of hours call system answered by one of our own over a decade ago

Guaranteed 100% fulfilment, how?
We studied our placement ratios over time, so we know our numbers and what it takes to get full attendance. We have a system.

We have a robust data base of candidates & talent, specialist niche collateral and a recruitment model that draws on skilful interviewing, competency assessments and client/candidate specific selection.

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