Merit Hygiene Services – A Success Story

When in November 2006, Merit Hygiene Services took over the cleaning contract at Sainsbury’s Retail Services Centre in Basingstoke (the site employs a team of around 40 full and part-time cleaners) the challenge was set.

The standard of the cleaning service provided by the previous contractor was widely recognised as having been poor.
It soon became clear that a ‘primary reason’ for this poor standard was the lack of any direction being given to the cleaning colleagues and supervisors by the previous contractor, combined with an almost non-existent interaction with the client regarding their requirements.

Merit Hygiene Services immediately set about rectifying this situation.

Crucial to achieving this task was going to be motivating the existing cleaning team and installing in them the ‘sense of pride’ that comes with a job done well. Fundamental to achieving the above would be training / leadership by example.

M.H.S. began an extensive program of on the job training / the introduction of new working practices & procedures, combined with a constant interaction on all levels with the client as to their exact requirements. This very rapidly led to a vast improvement in the cleaning standards on the site. A key area identified by the client at the outset was the urgent need for a reduction in the general waste from the site being sent to landfill.

Prior to M.H.S. taking over the contract this had stood at a ‘massive’ 1,200 tonnes per annum.

By working in close co-operation with Sainsbury’s on site environmental team, and involving all the department heads throughout the site, working together we have significantly reduced the general waste being sent to landfill each year, and in the year 2015/16 we had our best result to date – 48 tonnes.

The amount of waste ‘recycled’ by the site waste has also vastly increased during this time. This fantastic reduction general waste disposal from the site not only represents a considerable saving to the client in monetary terms (landfill charges have risen year on year, and continue to do so) but is also of course great news for our environment.

Merit Hygiene Services continues to work closely with Sainsbury R.S.C. to achieve even higher cleaning standards on the site, and still further improvements in our waste disposal / recycling operation.

Colin Champion
Merit Hygiene Services
Site Manager

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