What’s your biggest office issue?

How do you think your workplace compares to others? Better, worse or just ‘meh it’s ok’? There’s no perfect office in the world, I can imagine, whatever the environment, however people act, there’s always something or someone to moan about and don’t worry you’re not alone in thinking this.

A survey, done by Samsung states that noisy or messy eaters, alongside moaning were among the top complaints of 1,000 office workers asked to name their biggest workplace irritations. Samsung have suggested that distractions caused by colleagues led to workers losing 22 minutes each day on average.

However, the top grumble went to our good old friend, technology/. An overwhelming 92% said that crashing computers and slow internet connection annoyed them and this results in them losing almost 30 minutes of working time each day.

Another top issue was the temperature in the office. 82% said that they found being too hot or too cold was their biggest frustration. In total, irritations involving colleagues, IT problems and workplace issues resulted in workers wasting five-and-a-half hours a week, Samsung suggests.

The top office bugbears were split into three categories:


technologyTechnology: crashing computers, slow internet, no access to emails






Colleagues: moaning, eating loudly or messily, interruptions while talking





workplaceWorkplace: being too hot or too cold, uncomfortable seats, messy workplace




How’s life in your work environment & what’s your biggest irritation? Let us know by commenting below or contact us on social media, using the hashtag #MeritBlog


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