Let’s meet… Pippa!

Welcome to our new recruiter in the office, Pippa!

Lets find out all about her, over to you Pippa!


About me (Pippa!)…

Hello, my name is Pippa. I have recently graduated from De Montfort University where I did a degree in business management. I like to think that I have a roll up your sleeves attitude, because I’m not afraid to turn my hand to anything and give it a good go. I like to do all I can to help someone who is in need. All my life I have been heavily involved in sport, I have participated in everything from horse riding to synchronised swimming. Currently I am learning how to ski, which I am thoroughly enjoying as it is something that I have never done before, but always wanted to do. My sporting life has taught me a lot of life skills, which I have found useful in everyday life. Skills such as dedication, determination and resilience of which I have found to be useful skills to learn.


What did you want to be before the age of 10 and why?

Before the age of 10 and up until I was about 14 I wanted to be a Dentist. Simply because of the idea of helping someone with an issue, that commonly impacts self-confidence seemed like a fulfilling job to do. However, this dream was shattered when I discovered how squeamish I am when it comes to blood.


What do you want to be by the age of 35?

This is a tough question for me to answer, simply because I haven’t had that much experience in the working environment, simply because I have just finished university. I have come to learn through my life experiences, that circumstances can change like the wind and sometimes the best things happen to us when we least expect it. My job at Merit was one of those unexpected things, simply because I never thought that my CV would get noticed on a large website and two weeks later I was working at Merit. Now I get to work within hardworking and dedicated team who go out of their way to find members of public work. I am just at the beginning of my working life and I’m loving being a part of the Merit team.  I would happily say that my working life has gotten off to a good start.


You are on a desert island: you can take 3 books to read which ones will you pick?

I’d say that the genres that I read are quite varied and very similar to the genres of television programs that I watch. An old favourite is The Hobbit by JRR Tolkien, simply because the storyline of the adventure to Erebor with all its twists, turns and unforeseen events it triggers my sense of adventure and imagination. For me it brings to light, the fact that every person’s actions, no matter how big or small, have an impact upon the outcome whatever the circumstances. The next book is probably one of my all-time favourite books is A girl like you by Gemma Burgess. It’s about a girl who has just got out of a 7-year relationship and is very nervous about entering the dating world. She ends up learning how to date and ends up screwing up a new relationship because of the dating rules that she has been following. And finally, my third book is called Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNab which is totally different to the other two. This book is adrenaline fuelled and action packed which keeps you page turning late into the night, because you want to find out if Chris Ryan will survive the ordeal. This story is based on someone’s life experiences, and it amazes me how courageous the men are, who put their lives on the line daily for the wider population’s safety.


The 3 minute elevator challenge: You’re in an elevator with the Prime Minister and you have 3 minutes, how do you convince her that Merit Group will solve their talent challenge?

Here at Merit we strive to do the very best that we can and to be the best. No challenge is ever too big for us to handle. We take a special interest in both our candidates and our clients, as we believe that building up a relationship with the people that we work with is key for a successful partnership. We will go out of our way to find out your candidate specifications and find candidates who we feel are up to the task; as we understand that an organisations workforce is an invaluable resource, which keeps the organisation running smoothly. Most importantly we believe that every problem has a solution.

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