Reasons to get Succession Planning back on the Agenda, URGENTLY.

The recruitment pool post Brexit is one with a lot fewer potential employees. A situation we as a country need to figure out POST HASTE if we are to take advantage of trading in bigger markets in the face of our labour, skill and talent supply base rapidly dwindling.

As an employer I am majorly concerned to read about the intended stoppage of European Union Labour as of 2019. We are being told to “look at resident labour” and “start training”. I am not saying these are not sensible suggestions, only at this stage, these suggestion are at best aspirations. Notwithstanding that if we think that this is all going to be done by 2019, then these comments are delusionary.

So how do we move these Aspirational Goals forward. For me it has to start by taking a proper look at our Want : Got gap, followed by agreeing an implementation plan as to how we can realise these goals to get these gaps closer together. From where I am sitting, this is not going to happen by 2019. 15 months is not going to fix decades of indifference. I have watched over the past 20 years the recruitment space fundamentally change. The rise of globalisation has resulted in the movement of huge chunks of our manufacturing away which in turn has taken with it our skilled workforce; alongside this our education system has been heavily incentivised into promoting University degrees at the expense of vocational and or apprenticeship qualifications and finally our unskilled / entry level jobs are being filled by our European neighbours as the benefit system became one of discouraging work from our own citizens.

I am excited to be in the business I am during these worst and best of times. I am encouraged with the many incentives being initiated by our public and private sectors, the multiple conversations taking place as we move forward which are both revolutionary and inspiring. It has been too many years since I have seen training and succession planning back on the agenda.

In conclusion I want to make two points:

  1. What is the interim fix whilst we upskill, train and further educate our current and future workforce. We need a plan or else we will have no one to realise our opportunities.
  2. Include the small and medium sized organisations in these conversations, they are your future local suppliers, who will be needed to compete in global markets.

We are running a series of articles and workshops on just this topic and if you have specific questions or contributions please contact me directly on


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