REC’s top six HR priorities for 2017


This is one of the reasons why myself and the Merit Group have been lifelong supporters of the REC. A great professional body who are always relevant when it comes to supporting their membership, who in turn support employers and employees.

Already we are experiencing the signs of what a candidate short market might look like. One of the industries we support is Supply Chain and for the last 8 weeks we have seen an increase in the shortage of support staff, together with upward pressures on wages. Leading this race is Lidl, who have already announced that as of March 2017, (and just before the next rise to the minim wage to £7.50) their hourly pay rates are moving to £8.45 to £9.75 in London.

Out of these 6 priorities, help us identify in which order you would place their importance to you and your business, by completing our survey.

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