Recruitment and Technology by Connor Reeves, BCOT student

Recruitment agencies have been growing exponentially over the last few years. In 2017, there is an expected 2.9%-6.9% of growth in the area. Workloads are constantly expanding and increasing the need for individuals. Technology is playing a huge role for recruitment agencies accommodating this increase in demand.

Communication is key to success. Networking, Head Hunting and Referrals are three of the largest sources of people for recruitment agencies and they require communication with other individuals. Social media also plays a pivotal role in the employment process.

The most efficient way that recruitment centers can progress with technology is by making this communication as easy and efficient as possible. One way they can do this is to automate different areas of the recruitment process processes such as automated call logging and automated email and text systems that can be sent to a candidate or client. These systems can cut out the middle man in the form of a recruiter and make the communication as fast and efficient as possible.

It is then up to the recruiter to personalise and humanise their service. Recruitment is ultimately all about people; a candidate doesn’t just want to be a name in a database, they want to be sure that the recruiter is finding them employment that is tailor made to their unique skill set.

However, the systems can’t run these operations unless they have candidates to contact. It is highly likely that there will be a large amount of competition, especially with the recorded 9,565 recruitment agencies within the UK. Due to this, the competition with the best methods of gaining traction with clients and candidates will thrive. This means using newer technology and ideas to perform these searches will enhance the agency’s potential. Algorithms, a set of rules to be followed in search protocols, can be used with other pieces of technologies to mass search different areas where potential candidates are found such as LinkedIn. This can be combined with the automation of communication to make the process as efficient as possible.

Ultimately the recruitment agency can develop a fully searchable candidate database of applicants for every position. With tags and filter searches the right candidates can be found from a pool fast and efficiently, ensuring that both clients and candidates experience a slick service. Eploy is a cloud based applicant tracking system and recruitment software service fully capable of such a demand.

The largest problem that surrounds recruiting agencies currently is the lack of experience and relevant skills that many candidates have when they are approached by recruiting agencies.

To solve this a recruiting agency can have different training and development programmes available to the candidates.  The candidate can then develop their skills and make themselves a more knowledgeable and hire-able candidate. Improving their computer literacy or interview techniques are valuable and transferable skills. This benefits the candidate by making them a more skilled individual and it also benefits the recruiting agency by increasing the number of candidates they can assist in landing temporary and permanent employment.

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