That’s a Wrap! QMC students complete their work experience placement with Merit

Nine students have enjoyed their media work experience placement with the Merit Group. In conjunction with Face TV the team created promotional videos from scratch that celebrate the work and spirit that Colin Fanning and Mark Jones have put into the Ark to Arc challenge, a 262 mile bike ride sponsored by Merit in aid of the Ark Cancer Centre Charity and Bike4Cancer that takes place from the 12th – 16th July. The students demonstrated their professionalism and creativity every step of the way, from story boarding to video editing, and their efforts will help raise awareness for an exceptional local charity that will provide local cancer patients and their loved ones with the care and support they need and deserve.

The first video focuses on Colin Fanning, Merit’s representative in the Ark to Arc challenge. The team had to deal with the difficulties presented by an external film shoot but managed to cope admirably in the editing suite to smooth out any sound and lighting issues. Some brief moments of levity emphasis the poignant and emotional message at the heart of the video, real credit must go out to the team for engaging with a difficult subject matter and framing their questions in such a way that let Colin express himself fully.

Video number two revolves around Mark Jones of the Ark Cancer Centre Charity, the goals of the charity and what they hope to achieve for the local Basingstoke community. Throughout the week Paul Friend of Face TV mentored the students and offered them his insight and helped the students structure their work. That being said, Paul was called away on the Wednesday and so the students were left to their own devices setting up the equipment, interviewing and filming Mark. Thanks to some exceptional preparation work by a group of exceptionally talented individuals the team were able to operate autonomously and achieve their goals with the video.


It was an absolute pleasure to work with such a talented group of people, they are all a real credit to QMC and everyone here at Merit wishes them all the best for the future! A huge thank you to Paul Friend at Face TV for his invaluable insight and guidance, to Colin Fanning and Mark Jones for finding some time in their busy schedules and of course the students from QMC! 

There is still plenty of time to donate money to Colin as he gears up for the Ark to Arc challenge in July, please give as much or as little as you can!

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