UK job market STILL strong against Brexit and summer slump

The UK’s labour market has not only withstood the recent Brexit, but also the dreaded ‘summer slowdown’, with the latest data from the job site, CV-Library, revealing an increase in jobs, salaries and candidate applications in August 2016.

Comparing both August 2016 with August 2015, jobs were up by a staggering 21.8%. This suggests that employers showed no sign of slowing down hiring activity throughout the summer months. While this is good for the nation as a whole, specific regions and sectors celebrated individual job growth, with the top five including:

Highest job growth by region Highest job growth by sector
Wales: 30.9% growth Automotive: 43.2% growth
South West: 27.3% growth Manufacturing: 36.5% growth
East Midlands: 25.3% growth Marketing: 31.8% growth
South East: 23% growth Construction: 30.3% growth
Scotland: 22.8% growth Catering: 24.8% growth

According to the data, candidate applications also increased by 5% compared with the previous year. The biggest jumps were seen in cities such as Birmingham (20.4%), Edinburgh (15.5%) and Hull (8.7%), as well as the manufacturing (25.4%), construction (17.2%) and automotive (12.2%) industries.

Alongside this, the data reveals that salaries rose by 4.7% in August, with certain cities and sectors in the UK witnessing above-average increases. These included:

Highest salary increase by city Highest salary increase by sector
Hull: 21.3% increase Public Sector: 17.6% increase
Exeter: 20.4% increase Agriculture: 12.5% increase
Inverness: 9.2% increase Property: 9.5% increase
Brighton: 7.6% increase Education: 9.1% increase
Southampton: 5.7% increase Catering: 7.7% increase

via Recruiting Times

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