Use your personal skills to create success!

In today’s world, as we all well know, jobs are hard to get! It’s so competitive out there that we often find ourselves missing out on something that we could probably do in our sleep. If you’re feeling like this, then read below and see what can help you to stand out from everyone else.

You may have all the degrees and qualifications in the world, but recently employers have started to look beyond that. Personal skills and well, just common sense are an intrinsic part of landing yourself a job.

The ability to make informed decisions, have good communication and to be organised and to have tasks done on time are equally as important as having a first in whatever subject you may have studied.

Although most interpersonal skills have been fine-tuned over a long period and come naturally to some people, others may find it difficult to decide under pressure or might even not know how to answer the phone in the office. These skills can be seen to be so insignificant but don’t be afraid to showcase it on your CV, as many employers are looking to see if you can do these ‘simple’ tasks and will dismiss those who can’t.

Having degrees and qualifications are important too, it’s great if you have the knowledge needed to do the job, but remember communication and interpersonal skills have just as high importance when employers are interviewing you and scanning over your CV!

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