We are in the Business Development Business!

We are delighted to announce the launch of our very first project in Telemarketing and are very excited about working with a great Sales Associate, Colin Fanning.

So why did we go into the business of training Telesales marketers to close meetings?

A number of our clients started reviewing their new business strategies, and in particular how to grow faster, quicker and in a commercially viable way. One of the challenges to this is having limited bandwidth from their established sales force in terms of training time and the second one is finding the telemarketers / telesales talent. Telesales roles have been moved out of the country and or been absorbed into other duties. This means that finding this competency, within a sensible budget, is incredibly difficult and at times the cost and return could be a non-sustainable one.

So what is the model?

Merit Recruitment resource the high potential telesales and telemarketing talent, then work with Colin who is a member of the Merit Group, Sales Development Associate who trains and coaches the team to fulfill the key KPI’s which we keep simple.

Outsourcing with very simple KPI’s: book new business meetings and support the development of growth of your future sales force, within budget.

To explore this further please contact us directly on cfanning@merit.eu.com or call us on 01256 471 508


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