We are proud to introduce our new Business Development Manager: Veronica Thorley

Why did you choose to join the Merit Group and particularly the Merit Hygiene team?

I’ve worked alongside the Merit Group for some years and had always admired and respected their professionalism. I was keen to work with Merit Hygiene Group as I truly believe we have a great offering, professional cleaning services with hard working reliable staff and the knowledge that we are part of a bigger group enabling Merit Hygiene to encompass all aspects of managing clients cleaning needs.

 You are stuck on a dessert island – what book would you want to have with you to read and why? 

I read a book many years ago “The Cruellest Miles” a true story about the race to get a diphtheria serum to Nome in Alaska. It’s a heroic story of man and dog working together against all odds to save people in the hardest conditions possible.  Its an inspiring read, about survival and true determination. After that I’d sit and write my own book what better place than a deserted island to become creative.

 You are in a lift with the CEO of a company that the Merit Hygiene would love the opportunity to work with – how will you convince him/her that we can solve their company cleaning needs? 

Well if I by some random coincidence I had cleaning equipment on me I’d start cleaning the lift! I’d enquire as to what issues their company faces with cleaning and then discuss the benefits of our service and how we would work with them to overcome these issues . Regularly updating them on any improvements we could make and how we would help them to streamline this cost in their business and make the whole process more efficient and less painful.

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