Why Employees Leave

Losing a great employee is a horrible thing, whoever replaces them may not be up to scratch and you’ll forever think about why they decided to leave. There’s usually an obvious reason, such as they’ve found a higher position elsewhere, with more pay and benefits, however sometimes the reasons are not so obvious. To keep your best employees, you must understand the underlying reasons why people want to leave your company.



Same old same old
People don’t like to be stuck in what they’re doing, they like to feel like they’re moving on and upwards in their career. If they’re stuck doing the same tasks day in and day out, then boredom will take over. They need something to aspire to, if there’s no career ladder to climb where they currently work they’ll go and seek it elsewhere.






Too much is too much
Overworking employees causes stress. Piling on the workload can burn out your employees and it’s often the best who stress the most as most of the work is given to them to complete. If employees find themselves taking on more and more work, especially in the absence of bonuses or recognition and thanks, they will start to feel that they’re being taken advantage of.




Profits or people
If your business approach is to focus on profits more than your employees, you’re doing it wrong. Your best employees will go elsewhere leaving behind those who are too mediocre or apathetic to find a better position. The result is a culture of underperformance, low morale and even disciplinary issues. Yes, profit, output, pleasing clients and productivity are important, but at the end of the day your business’s success will come down to your employees.





Say thank you more
When you ask an employee to do something for you, always remember to thank them when they’ve done it. There’s nothing worse than putting in all your effort to complete a task that your manager has set you then proudly completing it and presenting it to your boss to have a silent response. If you don’t praise and thank your employees for their work, they won’t feel motivated, they may start to think about why they’re doing the work you set them and will start to care less about what they’re doing.
A word of appreciation is free and it will go a long way!




What keeps you working at your job or what would make you want to leave?

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