Why using an Agency is good for you

Recent research shows that less businesses are relying on agencies to fill vacancies. However most staffing businesses are still posting strong results. With the rise of in house recruitment and the ease of job boards such as CV library and Total Jobs you would think that the recruitment industry may be on the brink of death, but the industry continues to grow.

So, what are some of the main advantages of using a recruitment agency?

Recruiters will know the market like the back of their hand. They know who is available in the area and how to contact them. Recruiters know what salaries candidates are looking for, they also may know that some candidates come across on their CV much better than in person or that a candidate is much stronger than their CV suggests. An agency is a businesses eyes and ears in the jobs market, they should do more than just fill vacancies. A good agency will suggest a very good candidate to a company even if they are not currently looking for someone.

Recruiter will give you an extended reach to access candidates that may be passive or more selective. Agencies are particularly helpful in gaining access to candidates that are currently employed but will take a better job if one comes up. These candidates often do very little actual job searching themselves, so agencies can be very good for snatching up these candidates.

Agencies won’t just throw candidates at you with a hope of one of them being good. Agencies also do not want to waste time with candidates that are simply not up to the task and will cut out a large portion of the filtering for you much easier as they will often have a larger recruitment team, whereas your team may be made up of the HR department that has other responsibilities as well.

In the REC’s most recent job outlook, the number one reason that companies gave for using agencies was that agencies gave them short term access to key strategic skills. With talent shortages now potentially hindering business growth it is not surprising that companies need often require specialist employees for a new business venture for a short period of time.

Of course, different business will have many different reason for using recruitment agencies that I may not have mentioned. For some it may be a short-term need and other a route to access a better jobs market.

Why not let us know your reasons for using an agency in the comments below.

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