A Clean Warehouse is a Happy Warehouse!

In most warehouses over time you will see an accumulation of materials and debris, this is a normal thing, however it is not ideal. An unorganised or messy warehouse indicates more than a penchant for clutter, it can indicate lack of consideration for inventory and more importantly, employee safety. For example, oil slicks from machinery can cause somebody to fall over and a dusty or mouldy warehouse cab cause respiratory problems for employees, which normally means they’ll get ill and will have to take days off.

If you work in a warehouse environment every day you may not see these problems and it’s something you’re used to, however to an outsider, for example a client, your warehouse may signal to them deeper problems, a lack of organisation and frankly someone who they don’t want to associate their business with.

A messy & chaotic warehouse:


Puts off Potential Clients
To a customer or supplier visiting the site, warehouse disorganisation can indicate that accurate picking and on-time shipping are problematic. Potential business deals can be threatened if a customer sees a cluttered facility, they want to know that they can depend on your warehouse. When they see your warehouse in disarray they lose confidence in you as a supplier. Remember, appearances can be deceiving!





Lowers Morale in Employees
Good warehouse keeping indicates that company management has placed a priority on employee safety, excellence and adherence to standards. On the other hand, disorganisation may signal that the company doesn’t take much interest in its facilities out of the office. If employees start to think that management don’t care about them then a serious drop in morale is going to take place, this can lead to a higher employment turnover rate, increasing HR costs and slowing down your fulfilment rate.






Efficiency is Decreased
A tidy and clean warehouse means that items are clearly stocked, there’s no confusion between incoming and outgoing stock, this improves the way your employees work and a lot more can be done is less time. When employees have to step around boxes or are trying to avoid messy parts of the warehouse, valuable time and energy is wasted which could be spent on filling orders and pleasing customers and clients.




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