About me: Michael Bann, student at the University of Lincoln and our new Intern Recruiter!

A bit about you…

Hello, my name is Michael Bann and I am the Intern Recruiter here at Merit Group. I am currently a 3rd-year student studying towards a BA Business Studies degree at the University of Lincoln, with the intention of going into finance or HR. Since being at university I have joined the squash society and, although not that good yet, I play twice a week! Apart from this I am a keen football fan following both Lincoln and my hometown club of Reading and try to go to as many games as I can.

Last summer I spent travelling around Europe with a bunch of friends, this was an amazing experience seeing most of Europe’s capital which changed my outlook on the world. This summer I will be working alongside work the wonderful team here at Merit. Recruitment is an industry which is fascinating to me, and with all the different parts of Merit Group, it should be an exciting experience which hopefully I will learn a lot from and become come part of the team here at Merit.

Why did you choose to join Merit Group?

The reason I chose to join Merit Group for the summer internship was for two reasons. The first was to gain work experience in a successful company, up to this point I haven’t had much experience in the workplace, so this opportunity will allow me to improve my working ability and give me insight into how a real company work. Secondly, I chose to join Merit because of how impressed I was when I came for the interview, everyone was really welcoming, seemed like they really wanted to help and were passionate about their jobs which made it seem like a really good working environment.

You are stuck on a desert island – what book would you want to have with you to read and why?

This is a tricky question, I guess if I was being logical I’d have to take some sort of survival guide, as that may come in handy for staying alive. However, that’s a boring answer so I’d probably take one of the harry potter books, my friends got me to watch the films because I had gotten this far in life without seeing them. The film was good, and the book is always better, so I’d imagine they’d be really good! Plus, if nothing else they’re quite large books so I could always use it for the fire.

You are in a lift with the CEO of a company that the Merit Group would love the opportunity to work with – how will you convince him/her that we can solve their talent needs?

I’d start by telling him about the experience I have had so far with Merit Group. Although I haven’t been here very long, I can already clearly see that the people who work here are all very passionate about providing the service that they do, and do so with an extremely high level of quality, expertise, and integrity. I would then talk about what Merit group could do for him. At Merit Group will go out of our way to find the best candidate available; as we understand that employing the correct staff for the situation at hand is invaluable for a firm as it keeps the company operating efficiently.


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