Let’s meet… Lucy!

Last week we met our new recruiter Pippa, this week it’s time to meet Lucy, our Brand Ambassador!

Over to you Lucy!


About me (Lucy!) …

My name is Lucy that is correct, and well I always find this question a hard one to answer, whether it’s in a social network profile or elsewhere, I never know what to say, however with this I shall try my best!

Basic fact: I am 26 years old, although I rarely feel it. Growing up mentally is something I never want to do. I feel like I’ll never be too old to giggle inappropriately at something and neither will I ever lose the excitement of Christmas, although saying that Birthdays tend to get less exciting the older I get!
I love music and I always have done from a young age, starting off learning the piano, then moving onto the flute and then the guitar when playing the flute didn’t seem so cool anymore. I can also play the ukulele! My head is jammed full of song lyrics and a load of tunes.
I also love comedy, as they say laughter is the best medicine, whether it’s on TV or on stage live, if it makes me laugh I’ll be there!
Reading, writing and blogging are things I find fun too, and I have recently got into the art of typography. Having never really been that good at drawing, I’ve found that I’m alright at writing ‘fancily’ and like to experiment with different fonts and types.

me-with-rodgerA huge part of my life happened in 2008, at the beginning of the summer after my first year of college, my left hand started to shake and I couldn’t use it properly, soon after my left leg joined in and I was having difficulties in walking and was constantly tired & falling asleep, which was very unusual for me as before I was always such an active & sporty person. Then a big moment in my life happened on 5th September 2008. The day when I was diagnosed with a brain tumour. 6 days later I was in hospital having a biopsy on my brain to determine what kind of tumour it was & whether it could be removed. The results were that the tumour was cancerous and it could not be removed. After the operation, I couldn’t walk and could hardly talk and had a severe pain in my left arm which could only be calmed down by me lying on my left side. I constantly felt tired and to be honest I don’t remember much of the next few weeks as I was on a lot of medication that pretty much knocked me out. I started radiotherapy treatment, which lasted for 6 weeks, this made me feel extremely tired and weak. During this time,I was having physiotherapy and trying to learn to walk again. After my radiotherapy treatment finished I started my chemotherapy treatment, which I was told would last for 6 months. Six months later I was told that the chemo had really helped so it was suggested that I had another 6 months of it to kill the cancer even more. I was apprehensive about this at first as the chemo treatment was really horrible, my hair was falling out and I constantly felt sick and often was, however I agreed to it as I knew it would help and had 6 months more. I was finally told I was cancer free in late 2009 and since then everything (touch wood!) has been fine! The tumour is still in my head however, as it cannot be removed. I have been told if that was attempted there would be a 99% chance that I would be become paralysed or I would die, so for now I’m happy to leave it in there!

However how horrible it was, it’s an experience I’m glad I’ve gone through, it makes me grateful for what I have an has given me a better outlook on life. I’ve also been given a lot of fantastic experiences because of it. One of the best was when I was invited to go on stage at the Royal Albert Hall to tell my story to over 5000 people at a Teenage Cancer Trust Paul McCartney concert, who I got to meet backstage! I was on stage with Rodger Daltrey (The Who) and I also met Paul Weller (The Jam) & Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones) backstage! It was the best night of my life and everyone was so lovely after I came off stage and was walking through the corridors to take my seat for the show. I even was asked to sign some autographs at the end of the show!

What did you want to be before the age of 10 and why?
Before the age of 10, I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Whilst on my first ever holiday to Portugal my Mum & Dad bought me an early birthday present, an opportunity to go and swim with dolphins, my favourite animal at the time! I was so excited!! It was such a great experience, I was the only child in the group during that session, everyone else was an adult and even though being extremely shy at the time and worried about going in on my own, without my family I knew I had to do it as it was something I’d always wanted to do! I had so much fun, the dolphins were amazing, there was a part where we could hold onto the fins of two dolphins and they would pull us along in the water. When the men were having their go, the dolphins swam really fast and pulled the men across the water at a great speed, however they seemed to notice that I was a lot younger and were therefore a lot gentler with me when it was my turn. I loved the experience so much that it inspired me to want to become a Dolphin Trainer, wanting to spend my time in the pool with them.

What do you want to be by the age of 35?
Happy. It’s as simple as that. Whether I’m employed or not, living in a mansion or a hole in the ground I just want to be happy! Of course, if I’m living in a hole in the ground I probably won’t be!! I’ve always been a dreamer, dreaming of living in a big house or one big enough to house a grand piano at least, something of which I’ve always wanted! Healthy as well, having battled cancer I know how important health is and so if I’m both Happy & Healthy and have great friends and family around that’s all I need, it may sound simple but it’s what I hope for.

You are on a desert island: you can take 3 books to read which ones will you pick?
Wow this is a hard choice to make, although 3 pieces of music would have been a harder trial for me! From a young age, I’ve loved to read, according to my Mum I would cry until she placed a book in my hand, even before I could speak!

However here are three I have chosen out of the many I have on my bookcase at home.
o Billy & Me by Giovanna Fletcher
o The Rosie Project – Graeme Simsion
o Harry Potter collection (if that’s allowed as ‘one’ book!

The 3-minute elevator challenge: You’re in an elevator with the Prime Minister and you have 3 minutes, how do you convince him that Merit Group will solve their talent challenge?
I would tell the Prime Minister that Merit can look beyond a CV. Inviting people into our office we can see who a person really is and question them to find out more than what they’ve written on a piece of paper. We can read between the lines and find the real and true talents of individuals instead of just what’s written on an A4 piece of stark white paper. We can employ people and make their dreams come true. If someone is working in a job they enjoy they will be good at it and will strive to learn more and to do their best in the position that they’re in. If they’re placed in somewhere they don’t want to be their disinterest in the role will show as they’ll only put in minimum effort and won’t try at all to do what they’re meant to. Instead we’ll place them in an area that suits them and their lifestyle and fill their old position with someone that fits the spec.

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